Your Freshman Year Survival Guide

A month in, and your probably thinking, this isn’t so bad. Welcome to college kid; it only gets better from here. And while you may be living it up your first month away from home, we know it can get overwhelming. We want to make sure you survive your first year. These Dos and Don’ts set you up for success and help ensure your first year at college is one of the best.

DO: Get Out of Your Dorm

There’s a whole world out there! Listen to us; step away from the computer and get out there. With no parents to nag it can be tempting to lie around in bed all day, but think about what you could be missing! During the first few months of school, clubs and fellow freshman will be practically begging you to hang out with them. Take advantage of these invitations while you can.

DON’T: Skip Class

Those notes aren’t going to take themselves. Sure, class can be boring but surprise, you can actually learn something too. In college, you’ll be taking classes that focus on what you want to be learning. But to get the grades, and the degree, you have to show up.

DO: Stay on Good Terms With Your RA

In the world of dorms, RA is king. Stay on good terms, and they can be a great resource. Get on their bad side and thing might be a little more difficult.

DON’T: Be a Bad Roommate

Your dorm is your safe place, but living with an irritated friend will make you avoid your own room at all costs. Being a good roommate isn’t too difficult. Be polite, pick up after yourself, and remember to knock.

DO: Make Purchases to Make Your Life Easier

Now that you’re on your own, you have the power to decide what you want to do with your money. Life can be expensive. Do yourself a favor and spend your money on something that will make your life easier. WhistleDrop is the toiletry subscription service that delivers hygiene products straight to your door. For $29.99 a month you won’t have to worry about stocking up on things like toothpaste, deodorant, or shampoo. One simple delivery, and you’re covered.

DON’T: Max Out Your Credit Cards on Pizza and Beer

You know what’s not a smart way to spend your money? Blowing your monthly budget on late night pizza deliveries and beer. You know that meal plan your parents set you up on? Use it! Be smart with your money so when you find something you want to spend it on *cough WhistleDrop* you’ll have the funds for it.

College can be complicated, but no one expects you have it all down after your second month. With these simples Dos and Don’ts, you’ll be set for smooth sailing straight into sophomore year.

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