Tricks & Treats for the Scared College Freshman

Ghouls and ghosts are scary; living away from home doesn’t have to be. Sometimes, adulting can be pretty terrifying. With Halloween around the corner, you’ve officially made it through your first two months of school and life on your own. But don’t worry if you still don’t feel like an expert. There’s a lot to learn. We’ve got some tricks and treats to help make living on your own a breeze.


Get to Know Your Dorm Mates 

Two months in and you’ve built a good relationship with your roommate, but does it still feel like strangers are lurking around every corner as you roam the halls? If you’re not comfortable with the other students on your floor, you’ll never really feel at home. Don’t be afraid to interact with your fellow freshmen who are probably just as nervous about entering “the real world” as you are.


Explore Outside Your Major

Even though you may have sat down with your counselor and picked a major before school even started, that doesn’t mean you’re trapped in the area you chose. Don’t be worried you made the wrong choice. 80% of college students change their majors at least once (if not more) during their four years. Get to know other areas of study by picking electives that interest you. You might be surprised what path you end up on a few years later.


Sign up for a Monthly Delivery

This Halloween, treat yourself to a little monthly delivery that will take away all the stress of car-less shopping. No gas? No wheels? No problem. Your parents said that you wouldn’t need a car freshman year, and when it comes to toiletry shopping, they weren’t wrong! WhistleDrop delivers everything you need for hygiene supplies straight to your door. With WhistleDrop, you won’t have to scare away roommates or class project partners with bad breath because you forgot to pick up toothpaste on your last target run. WhistleDrop has you covered for a fraction of the price big-box retailers charge.


We may not be able to help with the horror that is midterms, but we can still make your day-to-day life just a little bit easier. Now for a sweet treat from us to you – we’re offering 25% off your first WhistleDrop box. Sign up to receive your discount code.

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