The Who’s Who of WhistleDrop Subscribers

If you’re someone who uses the typical bathroom essentials: shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc., WhistleDrop is for you. If you appreciate the convenience of a box dropped straight to your door, WhistleDrop is for you. The truth is, WhistleDrop is perfect for just about anyone. But for a select group, WhistleDrop is the savior you didn’t even know you needed. Who are these chosen few? Find out if you fall into this who’s who of WhistleDrop subscribers.

If you’re starting your freshman year of college, WhistleDrop is for you….

Dorm life problems – if you’re a freshman, you’re bound to have them. Obnoxious roommates, communal bathroom horrors, and the painful experience of a bunk bed cot – we’ve been there, and we’re here to help. No, we can’t help you pass your 8 am chem. lab or convince the cafeteria to try serving something a little more edible, but of all the stresses of your first year at school. Toiletry shopping shouldn’t be one of them. Enter WhistleDrop, the answer to (some of) your prayers. The deluxe sample size of WhistleDrop’s products are the perfect size for dorm living and are replenished with your next box each month! So, your mind can be off trying to fit in time to run to the store and can be more focused on the important things…. classes of course! What were you thinking…?

If you’re a parent of a hopeless millennial, WhistleDrop is for you….

You know your kids; you also know your kids’ hygiene habits. Sure, they were good about wearing clean clothes when you were doing it for them, but they’ve entered the real world, and they’re not ready. While they’re away at school, you can’t be there with them, but WhistleDrop can. WhistleDrop will keep them on their toes with enough soap and detergent to keep them squeaky clean till they’re home for the summer.

If you’re finally on your own, WhistleDrop is for you….

Post Grad? First apartment? Finally paying your own bills? We’re impressed. But do you have those dirty dishes under control? Hey, no one expected you to be “full-adulting” just yet. Baby steps; we know. That’s why we created WhistleDrop, for people like you who are either too busy, or quiet honestly, too lazy to hit the store. Unlike the unstable relationships in your love life, WhistleDrop is always there.

You didn’t choose WhistleDrop, WhistleDrop chose you! While WhistleDrop works for just about everyone, we created this monthly subscription box just for you. Now do us a favor and try out your first box. You’re not gonna regret it.

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