The Dorm “Must Haves” Every Incoming Freshman Needs

Preparing for the first year of college can seem like a mysterious, nerve-racking experience for students… and your parents! Being prepared for your first year away is the best way to calm the nerves before move-in day at the dorms. You’ve triple checked the packing list, stocked up on all the typical supplies, but do you have the items you actually need? Relax. Dorm life doesn’t have to be complicated, but these items are the one’s you’ll wish you would have had.

First Aid Kit

Yes, your mom forced you to pack it. And yes, odds are you’ll actually need. Let’s face it, accidents happen. While you might be convinced you’ll never use it, having access to things like bandages and anti-bacterial wipes are sure to come in handy when you least expect it.

Command Strips

If you’re living on your own for the first time, dorm-life might get lonely, especially if you’re forced to stare at 4 blank walls each time you sit down and study in your small dorm room. Command strips allow you to decorate your dorm and bring some personality to your place without the permanent damage a nail and hammer can cause. Sprucing up the place up with a few pieces of home is the quickest way to kick homesickness to the curb the first few weeks on your own.

Box Fan

Don’t rely on quality AC to keep you alive on a hot, August night. Dorm rooms are notorious for lacking the refreshing qualities of a functional temperature control system. Box fans are cheap, portable, and can be a lifesaver for small, stuffy dorm rooms. Do yourself a favor and pick one up before move-in weekend when all the local stores are sold out, and you’re stuck moving boxes in the hot, summer heat.

WhistleDrop Subscription

No car? Out of money? Have you thought about how you’re going to stock up once your first supply of toiletries runs dry? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything; WhistleDrop has you covered. Our monthly subscription box is a freshman dorm-dwellers dream! Stocked full of the hygienic items you need, our boxes are dropped straight to your door each month. You can thank us later.

Yes, freshman year is a scary, new experience, and no, you’ll never feel completely prepared. But with your necessities in tow, you’ll head off knowing you’ve got what you need to do dorm-life right. Start off on the right foot with your WhistleDrop monthly subscription box. Get 25% off when you sign up today.

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