The 7 Lessons You’ll Learn Freshman Year


College is all about learning, but during your time there you’ll learn more than just what is required for your major, you’ll learn about yourself. You might not always get it right, but after your first year on your own, there are sure to be a few life lessons you’ll take away from your freshman year of college. 

#1 Join the Club

Making friends doesn’t have to be hard, just put yourself out there! Just because you came into freshman year not knowing anyone does not mean you’ll leave that way. But it does require some effort. So join the club, sorority, or business fraternity. And when someone invited you somewhere, go! You’ll never know who you’ll meet here and how you’ll end up meeting your life-long best friends.

#2 Credit Card Bills Don’t Pay Themselves

Yes, you’re 18 now, so technically you can sign up for that credit card without your parent’s permission. What they don’t tell you, those interest rates add up! Be smart about your money and don’t make the mistake of maxing out a card and racking up bills you can’t pay back. You’re on your own now, and student loans don’t stay hidden forever.

#3 You Need to Do Laundry More Than Once a Semester

Sure, you can avoid it, but eventually, you are going to have to take care of the not so fun part of living on your own. That means cleaning and laundry more than once a semester. But don’t worry, we can help you there. Instead of wasting time and money traveling back and forth to the store to stock up on the necessities, have them delivered instead! With WhistleDrop, the basics like laundry detergent, wet wipes, toothpaste, and more come dropped off straight at your door. But remember, the kid down the hall isn’t going to wait for you to pick your clothes out of the dryer so keep a close eye on your stuff! 

#4 Wash Your Comforter Too…

Didn’t think about that one, did you? Enough said… 

#5 To Pass the Class You Have to Actually Show Up

Forget what you see in the movies, just because they don’t take attendance, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to pass without showing up. To actually pass the classes you’re in, remember to show up and at least try to pay attention.

#6 The Real “FOMO” Happens If You Don’t Graduate On Time

Freshman year, you might have a fear of missing out on that Wednesday night party, but the real FOMO begins when all of your friends are graduating, and you’re stuck there for another semester. Don’t let your FOMO affect your grades. Trust us; there will be another party, one that doesn’t take place the night before your big mid-term.

Four years will never feel so short. You’ve got your entire college career ahead of you, so enjoy! Embrace the little things like late nights in the dining hall and celebrating the big football wins. It will be over before you know it, so enjoy!

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