How You Can Make Your Student Feel More At Home Living Away at School

The first year of college can be a difficult transition, and even though your “independent” kid might not admit it, they’re a little homesick! As a parent, you have the ability to help your freshman feel a little more at home while away at school, without turning into the helicopter parent they warned you about! Here’s how:

Decorate the Dorm

During move in weekend, get hands on, and help your student move in. Just a few simple touches can remind them of you when they are starting to miss home. Anything to make their new place feel less like four walls and more like a cozy new bedroom will help them feel more comfortable after you leave.

Schedule a Time to Visit

At the beginning of the year, schedule a time to visit a few months in. This will allow your kid to have the space they need, and if they’re really homesick, will give them something to look forward to in the coming months. If possible, schedule to visit the school, rather than your student visiting home. Seeing you on their new turf will help to make it feel more at home, but frequent trips away from campus might make their growing homesickness worse.

Bring a Piece of Home

You don’t want your kid to feel like a stranger in his or her own home! If you can, try to pack a few things from home for your kid to take with them. Simple things like photos from the hallway or a blanket from the living room will help bridge the gap between what they know as home, and what they will grow to love as their dorm.

Make the WhistleDrop

Homesickness paired with stress is one big headache. Save your kid the anxiety of having to pick up the basic necessities from the store and set them up with a WhistleDrop subscription right from the start! WhistleDrop is a monthly box delivered straight to their dorm room filled with all the hygiene and toiletries needs they’ll require each month. Things like toothpaste, laundry detergent, and shampoo aren’t always what your kid will plan to spend their money on, but are something they sure will miss when it’s gone.

You blinked, and they were gone, but they still you need you. By easing the transition between home and college, you’re setting up your student for success, and they won’t even realize it. So when the homesickness strikes, you’ll know what to do.

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